Drama “It is a shame but useful to escape,” which began broadcasting on Tuesday, October 11.

The first episode of the first episode is the story of the first episode in comics, until the milk contract (Marunagi Aragaki) and Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen) contract to get married.

Even looking at the manga reading position, there was not real discomfort at all, there were parts that were more real and interesting than manga.
Mikuri (Yui Aragaki) and Tsunzaki (Hoshino Gen) that mutually benefit matched, living together as a fact marriage.

However, I decided to go around as an ordinary marriage that I would not be understood by others.


When both families come together to have a dinner party, each other’s parents say that the wedding will be natural.

However, the two said that they decided “they will not marry” by two people. I would like to save for the future if I spend my money gently on my wedding. It was an answer as planned in advance. Reluctantly parents to convince.


Nonetheless, parents who were more than happy to marry.

Tsuzaki taught me the Hungarian proverb that “It is a shame to escape, but useful,” in spite of saying “I am going to get married to escape …”.

You can run away, it seems to mean that surviving is more important than anything else.


And since that night, Mikuri began living at Tsuzaki ‘s house.

In the evening, Tsuzaki is in his room, Mikuri is going to go to bed with a futon laying in the living room.


When Tsuzaki goes to the company, his colleague Numata (Furuta Shinta) said, “Until this marriage is said to be the furthest from myself, it is funny that Tsuzaki-kun is married in one month then,” Tsuzaki’s marriage He was talking to Hino (Takashi Fujii) whether he was a lie.

Tsuzaki who hastily denies it when hearing it, Numata who still doubts as “I do not see anything newly married at all”.

And I want to visit my home, Tsunzaki who can not stop seeing Hino wanting to see his wife. Numata is saying that he wants to come but Tsuzaki refuses it hard.


However, that weekend, Numata and Kazami (Ryohei Otani) came to meeting place.

It is said that Hino’s children came in instead of getting out of fever.

Tsunazaki warns himself to jerk in a boldly sharp Numata, so as not to make funny behavior.

I think that the bedroom is suspected to be seen as a single bed, so be careful not to enter the bedroom.


Numata took a cup of cooking as a hobby, and four people spend a pleasant atmosphere.

Kazami also said that “marriage can be done if there is merit, but it is also a way of thinking,” the talks also matched with Mikuri.


And at night it was Tsuzaki, saying “I should open it soon”, but when I looked out, the thunder was ringing with heavy rain. Examining that the train is not moving.

And Numata and Kazami ended up staying.

However, Tsuzaki and Mikuri who suffer from where they sleep. If you go to bed in Tsuzaki’s room, you will sleep in close contact with a single bed. That is, two people can not do it.
In addition, Tsuzaki was worried that two people could sleep gay suspicious Numata and Kazami.

So, Mikuri slept in Tsuzaki’s bed, Tsuzaki, Numata and Kazami were to go to bed in the living room.


Eventually, I ate the meal until next day’s lunch, Numata and Kazami went home.

That night, when I go to bed, the smell of chest only remains on the previous day, Tsuzaki who does not easily go to bed.

Actually, when I slept in Tsuzaki’s bed, I had not been able to sleep well in the bed where the smell and presence of Tsunzaki could be felt.


On the other hand, Numata and Kazami, who came back from Tsuzaki’s house, were drinking in a bar with two people.

In fact, Numata said that he was secretly looking into the bedroom on his way home.
“In the bedroom, there was only one pillow on a single bed, are those two really, really couple?”


There is also the cuckoo of the Mikuri role of Gacky, and the drama “Run away is shameful but useful” in the drama that is currently on the air.

In the second episode of the previous time, we also survived the dinner party with the family safely, and started to live together as a mask and couple (Yui Aragaki) and Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen).

However, it seems to have been suspected that it is a real couple at Tszaki’s company colleague · Numata (Furuta Shinta) and Kazami (Ootani Ryohei) who came to stay at home …?

Tsuzaki had become strongly aware of the seaweed as a woman because Mikuri (Aragaki Yui) slept in the room of Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen).

Since then, Tsuzaki responds to the conversation with distance and distance.
Mikuri worry about what went wrong.


Then Tsuzaki suddenly said “Let’s move!”
Another room I’m going to move to a property with a room of Mikuri.

In addition, it is said that a treaty on a lover is attached to two employment contracts.

If you like it, it is OK to go out. However, I also try to avoid talking to each other as much as possible, with care to the surrounding eyes. If you want to get married further, your employment contract will be canceled. And that.

I agreed with Mikuri and agreed.


Two people going to look inside the candidate property for the weekend together.

Therefore, looking at Tsuzaki who is suffering from the budget and the commitment of the plans,
“Tsuzaki-san is not disturbing how to move so far, I was suffering to live with me though I was living alone If you have something please talk over if there is a problem Let’s solve it “Mikake.

However, Tsuzaki just came in and the conversation ceased.


Tosuzaki, my boss’ s Hino (Fujii Takashi), asked his wife to see me and was invited to grape hunt over the weekend.

However, even today, Hino’s children gave a fever, instead Numata (Shinta Furuta) and Kazami (Ryohei Otani) came.

Furthermore, I will go with my aunt Yuriko Ishida, who can drive a car.

While showing resistance to the ticks of the teenager, Yuri also enjoy grape hunting together.

From the lily, Tsuzaki will instantly announce the room of the acquaintance’s real estate, but if it turns out that the layout is 1 LDK.
“It must not be 2 LDK,”
After listening to it, Numata and Wonder, which seems to have been convinced.


Taking the grape hunt and everyone taking a rest, Tsuzaki went to a nearby temple.
Try to follow it and go to the temple.

“Cool, yes, Mr. Kazami really is” Tsuzaki says. I was able to speak well both Lily and Tomonari, and I felt a sense of inferiority to the tone of Ikemen.

Then, “I like Hiramasa the most, but I do not mind” saying.

Although it was surprising Tsuzaki, when Mikuri said “I do not mean that, I like him as a human being” in a hurry,

“Thank you, I would like you to come and see Mikuri for housekeeping, even if Mikori marries someone.”


Tsuzaki who was greatly moved by the word “likes” from Mikuru stopped moving for the moment and decided to look a little more.


And Tsuzaki, who went to work for a week, was spoken at the office by Kazami.

“It’s nice, you and Mr. Tsuzaki-san, it seems like an ideal relationship from me … It’s contract marriage, salary is generated,” Kazami said.


And that night, Tsuzaki was trembling in my room “What to do …”.


On that weekend, when Mikuri tried to go to a lily house, I met Kazami on the way.

Kazami said that instead of refusing Tsuzaki, he decides to move to the room of introduction of Lilly acquaintance.

And, “Mikuri-san, will you go to my house?”
“That? I have not heard from Tsuzaki-san? Tsuzaki-san and I talk about sharing Mikuri-san with me”


The drama “Run away is shame but useful” is a story that fits the present age? Is it because of Aragaki Yui / Hoshino Genki effect, the audience rating seems to be in good condition. In the third episode it seems that it was over 12%.

I think that it is still very low compared to several years ago, but I think that the number of people who have stopped seeing it in real time due to recording or net viewing has increased.


By the way, in the third episode of the last time, we went to grape hunting together with Kazami, Numata and Yuri and had a good time, Tsunamama, contract marriage broke away in Kazami and surprise development that we share “Mikuri” … Is it?

From Kazami (Ryohei Otani), Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen) who was surprised to hear that “Tsuzaki’s are contract married?”

On the return of work on that day, I went to Kazami and drinking, revealing the content of contract marriage without a doubt.

“The more I know it is my relationship with my ideals, that’s why” Kazami.
And, “I’m fine on week 1, can you please help Mikuri to do my housekeeping with my house?”

Then I decided to tell the story from Tsunzaki.


However, Tsuzaki who can not say it to pretend things (Yui Aragaki) with a strange story.

Actually, I was waiting for Tsuzaki to tell when Mikuri had heard about “share” before Kazami.


Meanwhile, Mikuri felt sudden toothache and went to the dentist. Then, expensive money was needed to fill the teeth.


Mikuri had a household account book, and since I became a deficit this month, I was making up for my money.

Then Tsuzaki says, “It is a black company to make up with my money, if you have any troubles, please consult us, let’s discuss anything.”

So why do not you ask Tsuzaki to say “What is sheer share then?”

And finally Tsuzaki told me about the housekeeping agency asked by Kazami.
“What to do is freedom Mikuri’s freedom”

Money that needed money also decided to undertake the housekeeping substitution of the Kazami family.


And as a result of discussions, we decided to go to Kazami’s house twice a week. The charge is made of cleaning and dinner for one week.

However, Tsuzaki says that the Tsuzaki family should not tell anything that happened at Kazami ‘s house.

Tsurzaki also realized that when the men ‘s shadow was seen in the tsunaki, he made a wall, and it was difficult to talk with the Kazami family.

And when I talk about another story, Tsuzaki tells us that Tsuzaki strongly tells us about Tsuzaki’s past love affair, “Please do not investigate me or analyze me.”

I apologized for “I am sorry.”


When Tsuzaki goes to the office, Kazami tries to make the story of cooking dish made at home easier. Tsuzaki tries to hesitate to hear it somewhere.

Tsuzaki who felt like a unrequited love for a boyfriend wife and dislikes himself.

“(It is better to let go, I have been living like that for a long time)”


And Tsuzaki said “Mr. Mikuri lives in Kazami’s house, even if we make it to come one day a week, Mikuri’s freedom,” Mikuri said. I will say.

It is because the miki rushed to make him angry because he was strangely depressed.

Even in college years, I analyzed my boyfriend and made me angry, I had a feverish experience with being hurt like “you are wise.” As I majored in psychology, I had a habit of analyzing people.


On the evening, Mr. Tsuzaki told me he did not have dinner because he was working overtime.

It was the day we cooked dinner at Kazami ‘s house, and Kazami came home just at the timing when work finished.

And I was invited by Kazami to go eat lunch together.

It is easier to talk with Kazami and it is a nice way to spend comfortably.
I guess Tsuzaki is happier if it comes to coming here.

Tsuzaki, who was working overtime, was ready to go out with Mikuri as “(I will not do anything, just return to the original single life).”


When Tsuzaki comes home, Mikuri tells us that there is a story. Tsuzaki arrives at the seat as prepared.

Mikuri started talking, “I think I will make a boyfriend.”

“But it’s quite difficult to make sure that you are not surrounded by the agreement clause, so when you think about it, there is only Mr. Hirao who is the best partner in the current situation. Mr., could you be my lover? ”

Surprise, rising, Tsuzaki starting to urourod the room. “Are you kidding something …?”

“If you are a lover, if you are a lover, you can talk about anything and you will lose stress.It is convenient to think about the eyes around you, it is most suitable.If you do not like it, this is Hirano’s freedom”