Citizenship by Investment  

A 2nd Citizenship can be legally obtained for you and your family through a simple financial investment. Citizenship-by-Investment programs are very unique and can provide a very well known and respectable dual citizenship without needing to reside in the country for any period of time. The only countries that offer such programs include St Kitts & Nevis, Austria, and Dominica.

At Taylored Way we will help you obtain a second citizenship that suits the needs of you and your family. Second citizenship provides many benefits, including the freedom of visa free travel to over 90 countries (the entire European Union, UK, Canada, and more). It can also provide additional opportunities, benefits, tax benefits, and protection for you and your family, forever. It is all about safety, security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones, you’ve earned it.

Example Conditions:

- You are able to place a minimum of $460,000 USD into an escrow account, managed by PWC & HSBC, for the investment, government fees, and legal fees.
- You obtain a bank reference letter to prove you are in good standing
- You sign a source of funds declaration form
- You have no criminal record
- You pass the governments due diligence checks

Your investment is over 5 years and there are opportunities to earn guaranteed annual returns during this period. After 5 years you can sell out, recover your full investment, keep all the profits, & maintain full citizenship for your family.

offers you the opportunity to legally acquire a new citizenship quickly and simply, without any disruption to your life. We can help you establish your new citizenship in as little as 90 days and you can immediately start taking advantage of the benefits. Contact us directly for more information on the current citizenship by investment programs available - government policies change very frequently so please don't hesitate to Contact us for More Details.

Citizenship-by-Residency can be obtained in most countries (including Canada, the USA, and UK) through a Residency-by-Investment program. These programs have strict requirements that you stay and live in the chosen country for anywhere between 3 5 years before you can apply for citizenship. The clear downside of this option is that you need to wait 3 5 years before applying for your new passport and in most cases it will take over 6 years before obtaining your new passport and full citizenship. We do not assist with the residency by investment process, but we can put you in touch with the right people.

Citizenship-by-Investment can be fully processed, with your new passport in hand, in as little as 90 Days. If you are interested in Citizenship-by-Investment programs register below and we will be in touch with further information.

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Acquire Full Legal Citizenship
Official government programs that lead to full citizenship & passport

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- Global Visa Restrictions PDF
- Giveup US Citizenship & Tax PDF

- You have access to $460,000

- You have no criminal record
- You
pass government due diligence checks

Countries & Requirement (USD)
Austria | $10,000,000
- Saint Kitts & Nevis | $460,000
- Dominica | not recommended

Tax Benefits
- Visa Free Travel
- Can take as little as 12 weeks
- Dual Citizenship & Passport


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